Why You Should Buy a Home in Indian Lake, Ohio

Indian Lake Ohio Homes for Sale

Whether it’s the sandy seaside beaches or lake-lapping shorelines, you often find yourself drawn to water, especially for vacation. There is something about being near the water that brings peace and relaxation but also has the potential for fun-filled times with friends and family. So why not bring this into more of your life than just a week or two each year? Those who love to vacation by water should seriously consider making a home near it. Water has powerful positive qualities with proven scientific evidence that being close to it makes you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do. Luckily, you don’t have to go far in west-central Ohio to find a home that has the life-rejuvenating benefits of water at an affordable price, thanks to Indian Lake.


Below are 3 reasons you should call Indian Lake, Ohio, your new home.

1. You can kick back, relax, and enjoy life more.

“Lake life” is a lifestyle that this area provides without the hassles of heavy tourism one would find on the coast or larger lakes. Indian Lake is a hidden gem in western Ohio where travelers passing through wouldn’t have expected to find such a place. So many people have to travel far and wide to find what this little spot in a quaint region of Ohio offers. Two quiet villages, Lakeview and Russell’s Point, encompass the beautiful 5100 acres of water-filled opportunities. Water sports, hunting, fishing, and hiking provide an “active” lifestyle that many seek to keep them healthy and youthful longer. There’s also something at Indian Lake for those meditative types who just want to relax and enjoy the scenery. The lake-life lifestyle is one that encourages happiness and longevity, no matter age or activity level.

2. There are so many things to do all year round in Indian Lake.

The beautiful waterfront is clearly a focal point, but not everyone has to be on the water to enjoy Indian Lake. Other than nature, parks, and camping, the surrounding villages and nearby Bellefontaine offer shopping, dining, and entertainment while maintaining that small-town feel. Go with the family to the rink for some rollerskating, or catch a new movie in town for date night. On Fridays, you can explore the local farmer’s market, or catch what’s happening at the local performance theater and historical museum for unique events. Ice cream socials, boat and car shows, and 5k races are just some of the activities that fill the lake’s calendar for the summer months, with no shortage of things to do in the wintertime, too. Enjoy your home year-round and within a short distance.

3. You get big returns without the sticker shock.

Indulge in the lifestyle and all the amenities without the big-sticker home prices. Indian Lake provides affordable options at practically all price points. Generally, the closer to the lake, the more expensive the property, so look to the suburbs that are a short drive or bike ride away if on a smaller budget. Trailers, cabins, bungalows, ranches, and new construction offer a wide variety to any potential homeowner. While it’s tough to put a price on the lake life, find comfort that this lifestyle is much more affordable on Indian Lake than in many alternative locations. Most of all, your return on investment in your health and happiness is something you can’t afford to miss.


With Indian Lake so close, it seems senseless to work all year to enjoy only a couple of weeks of vacation. If buying a home in Indian Lake, you can have it all! Indian Lake, Ohio is where you can find that home away from home or a new place to plant your roots and find yourself. The water is calling you again. Answer it with something more permanent at Indian Lake for the sake of your body, mind, soul, and even your pocketbook.