4 Tips for Buying a Home in Indian Lake

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Buying a home on a lake is one of the best investments you will make in your life, but only if you apply due diligence. As a REALTOR® in Indian Lake, there are lots of questions buyers ask me about purchasing a home here, such as:

  • Will I need special financing?
  • Will I need more insurance?
  • What should I look for when buying a lake house?
  • What about maintenance?


Answering these questions and more is a large part of my job, so here are 5 tips I’ve gathered that I give all my buyers when they are considering purchasing a lakehouse: 

1. Get Pre-Approved

This should be one of the first steps in the process of buying a property anywhere. Shop around for a mortgage lender or broker that offers you the financial products you need and is someone you can trust. If you are starting from scratch and don’t know where to begin, google lenders local to Indian Lake, preferably. This will give you a better chance of finding someone who specializes in lake properties and has a network with other local entities necessary during the home-buying process. Check out their website, read Google reviews, and ask a friend or trusted Realtor for a referral. Spend time in your selection of a bank or loan officer, as they are handling one of the largest financial transactions of your life.

2. Research

You may want to drive around to get a feel for the lake, the neighborhoods, nearby attractions and amenities, so that when offer-time comes, you are ready and know where you want to buy. Are you wanting a waterfront home, which is usually more costly in price and maintenance, or something closer to town?


Most importantly, look into what all is entailed in owning and maintaining a house on Indian Lake (or a similar lake) before putting in an offer. There are tips for how to maintain a lakehouse, such as how to protect the property against regional weather and invasive species, which requires extra money, time, and energy. You may also need additional insurance coverage depending on the proximity to water and flood zones, so doing a little research upfront can help you have a general idea of what to expect with lake home ownership.

3. Get an Inspection

A qualified, local inspector can give you the detailed run-down on any property you are under contract to purchase. There is an “inspection period” that you can request within the contract during negotiations. This is very common and even recommended by all professionals in the home buying process. Choose an inspector who is familiar with the area and property type. Be expected to pay, depending on the size of the home, around a few hundred dollars on the day of service. It is highly advisable that you are present for the inspection (at least at the end) to take notes and ask questions. The inspector should thoroughly explain any concerns or items for you to follow up with a specialized contractor or to watch as a future homeowner.

4. Get a REALTOR®

Choosing a trusted Realtor is really the most important item on your checklist. This person is an invaluable resource for referrals for lenders, insurance agents, inspectors, contractors, and more. Furthermore, a local agent will be familiar with the ins and outs of buying and owning a house on Indian Lake, giving you the best chance at making a smart purchase. Best of all, it is all FREE to you! The commission for the buyer’s agent comes directly from the seller’s net profit at the closing table, and this rate is agreed upon between the seller and the seller’s agent prior to you even submitting an offer. 


So choose a local Realtor that you can trust to guide you on the path in buying a home on Indian Lake. This one tip will help all the others fall neatly into place. Before you know it, you’ll be a proud and knowledgeable owner of a lake house in one of the most desirable locations in Ohio. Reach out to me and let's get started finding your Indian Lake dream home! 

5 Tips for Selling a Home on Indian Lake

owning a home on Indian Lake

If you own a home in Indian Lake, there may come a time when you need to sell. Maybe it’s time to upgrade or downsize or get out of the lake life altogether. Whatever your reason, you are going to want to get top-dollar for your lake property, and here are 5 ways how:


1. Log All Maintenance and Repairs

Keep a detailed record of all maintenance and repairs (and upgrades) you complete over the years. Most likely, the buyers won’t read your personal reports, but this information will be very important for your Realtor when entering the listing. Your buyers will also be happy to hear that the home was recently and regularly inspected. There comes a level of trust that pulls the buyer and seller through closing, and this practice will only strengthen that bond of trust. 

2. Find the BEST Local REALTOR®

If you don’t already have one, your community should be able to help with referrals. This is really the first step in selling. Beginning with a good real estate agent who has experience and expertise in the region and with lake homes is a must when it comes to selling lake property. Your Realtor can guide you in the next few steps. 


3. Clean and Declutter

Tired of cleaning yet? Hire a local cleaning service that is used to working on lake houses. They will have the experience of cleaning to the owners’ standards and keeping an eye on trouble spots. 


Beyond the deep cleanse, remove all personal photos and most of your decor. As cutely decorated as it is, it will distract the buyer. The only exception is if you plan on selling the home furnished, but still, pare down on the knick-knacks. Let your buyer envision themselves and their own tastes in this space. 

4. Price Wisely!

Ask your Realtor to run comparables for your area in a two-mile radius and back six months to a year. Pricing by square foot is usually just for the HGTV shows and city condos. Look for a low comp home and a high comp home to frame your property’s value. Together with your Realtor, use that “sandwich” to determine a good value point for your home. 


Consider location as the most important, size next, and amenities as the least important when determining home value. Your Realtor will have plenty of experience and a knack for assessing value and pricing your home to sell. There are many strategies in pricing, so speak to your Realtor and ask for their expertise and reasoning behind the list price. 

5. List Timely

Again, your Realtor will be the one to follow here. Generally, you’ll want to list your home with enough time for people to enjoy peak season. This will all depend on your particular buyers’ market and your needs and goals. Have a conversation with your agent about what works best for you, and have a contingency plan if the home doesn’t sell within thirty days. Have the tough discussions upfront before patience runs low and emotions are high. Your agent should be accommodating in developing a plan for all case scenarios before officially listing. 


Following all these tips will set you as a homeowner on the right path to confident lake home ownership and successful selling. Realtors are here to guide you from listing to closing, but there is so much more before and after the sale of a home that these agents can still aid. Consider your agent your resource for the life of your home; priding themselves as ‘the source of the source,’ a Realtor can help in all things involved in home ownership. Just reach out, and ask for home ownership or selling advice today!

Owning and Maintaining a Home on Indian Lake

Indian Lake


Choosing to own a lake home is a choice in lifestyle. It isn’t for the faint of heart, but nothing worthwhile is. It’s a choice to plan, prepare, and protect while everyone else is playing. But the payoff is worth all the time, effort, and, yes, a little money that goes into owning and maintaining a home on Indian Lake in Ohio. 


More importantly, all of your diligent maintenance will pay off when it comes time to sell. As you know, people will pay a premium for lakefront property, but only if it is well maintained. This guide will teach you how to maintain your lakehouse so you can eventually sell it at top dollar. 


Below are 4 tips for how to maintain a home on Indian Lake.

1. Get a General Inspection

If you didn’t do this when purchasing your home, or if it has been a few years, call an inspector you trust to provide a general inspection of your property. Depending on the size of your home, costs can range around a few hundred dollars. Don’t choose an inspector based on price, though — ask around for referrals, especially from your Realtor. 


Expect the process to take a couple of hours and for them to find as much as they possibly can. Don’t get angry — their job is to look for everything that you can’t see or know, within reason. This detailed report will arrive in a few days and list everything that is or could be an issue down the road. Ask your inspector and Realtor which items should be addressed first and how to prioritize the list from there. Future buyers will appreciate the thoroughness of your maintenance, and they may even waive inspection repairs altogether, saving you time and money.

2. Do a Deep Clean at Least Once a Year

Mold and mildew, scary insects, and foul smells like to take residence in dirty places. Find a pleasant, sunny weekend to power wash all exterior concrete, brick, metals, and plastics. Be careful near seems, wood, and mortar as the water pressure can be too harsh and cause water intrusion and deterioration. Scrub and wipe indoor and outdoor surfaces with a bleach alternative to kill bacteria and prevent much mold and mildew. 


Be sure to wrap up your exterior wash-fest while it is still sunny and with a good breeze. Bonus tip! Open up the home and let the fresh air blow through while cleaning inside. This cuts down on harmful cleanser fumes and indoor allergens in the air. 


Throw pillows, mattresses, and cushions outside in the sunshine — mother nature’s disinfectant!


Overall, pay particular attention to areas prone to collecting moisture, such as windows, doors, sinks, and showers. Work to keep these areas dry and clean to prevent damage to the home.

3. Make Sure You Winterize in the Off-Season

This tip is about preparing your home for the off-season, which is usually winter. No matter the season, make sure that your house is safe from the harms of excess moisture, especially before leaving the premises for a considerable length of time. Fully winterizing your lake home isn’t necessary if you plan to stay throughout the season, but there are some steps every homeowner should take, such as detaching water hoses from the house, removing excess dead leaves and debris, covering outdoor furniture, and fixing drafty windows, doors, and chimneys. 


If you plan to completely close up for the wintry days ahead, remove all food, unplug everything, and, if you have them, cap the chimney and pump your septic tank. Most importantly, avoid frozen pipes. You can do this by shutting the water off at the road and running the pipes and water heater dry. You may also consider putting some plumbing antifreeze down each of your drains for any water that collects with the potential of freezing. 


If you plan to leave your electricity on, set the thermostat anywhere between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit, but if you want a lower bill for these unused cold days, call the electric company to pause service until the warmer days when you return.

4. Be Part of the Indian Lake Community

Lastly, find a local community. Set up or join a local Facebook group or trade emails and phone numbers with neighbors. Either way, you’re going to want to have connections with people who will have the same questions you wonder and the answers that you’re looking for. You can ask them everything from referrals for handymen or lawn maintenance to the best fishing spots and bate to use. This resource will be especially useful when winterizing and opening up the lake house every year.

While you’re away from the lakehouse, locals can help keep tabs on the weather and potential hazardous or worsening conditions of the property. And when it comes time to sell, this group could be an efficient way to network and reach potential buyers. Bottomline, find your people—this is your lifestyle now, but you know that lake life is the best life!

Find out more about buying or selling an Indian Lake home here. 

Why You Should Buy a Home in Indian Lake, Ohio

Indian Lake Ohio Homes for Sale

Whether it’s the sandy seaside beaches or lake-lapping shorelines, you often find yourself drawn to water, especially for vacation. There is something about being near the water that brings peace and relaxation but also has the potential for fun-filled times with friends and family. So why not bring this into more of your life than just a week or two each year? Those who love to vacation by water should seriously consider making a home near it. Water has powerful positive qualities with proven scientific evidence that being close to it makes you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do. Luckily, you don’t have to go far in west-central Ohio to find a home that has the life-rejuvenating benefits of water at an affordable price, thanks to Indian Lake.


Below are 3 reasons you should call Indian Lake, Ohio, your new home.

1. You can kick back, relax, and enjoy life more.

“Lake life” is a lifestyle that this area provides without the hassles of heavy tourism one would find on the coast or larger lakes. Indian Lake is a hidden gem in western Ohio where travelers passing through wouldn’t have expected to find such a place. So many people have to travel far and wide to find what this little spot in a quaint region of Ohio offers. Two quiet villages, Lakeview and Russell’s Point, encompass the beautiful 5100 acres of water-filled opportunities. Water sports, hunting, fishing, and hiking provide an “active” lifestyle that many seek to keep them healthy and youthful longer. There’s also something at Indian Lake for those meditative types who just want to relax and enjoy the scenery. The lake-life lifestyle is one that encourages happiness and longevity, no matter age or activity level.

2. There are so many things to do all year round in Indian Lake.

The beautiful waterfront is clearly a focal point, but not everyone has to be on the water to enjoy Indian Lake. Other than nature, parks, and camping, the surrounding villages and nearby Bellefontaine offer shopping, dining, and entertainment while maintaining that small-town feel. Go with the family to the rink for some rollerskating, or catch a new movie in town for date night. On Fridays, you can explore the local farmer’s market, or catch what’s happening at the local performance theater and historical museum for unique events. Ice cream socials, boat and car shows, and 5k races are just some of the activities that fill the lake’s calendar for the summer months, with no shortage of things to do in the wintertime, too. Enjoy your home year-round and within a short distance.

3. You get big returns without the sticker shock.

Indulge in the lifestyle and all the amenities without the big-sticker home prices. Indian Lake provides affordable options at practically all price points. Generally, the closer to the lake, the more expensive the property, so look to the suburbs that are a short drive or bike ride away if on a smaller budget. Trailers, cabins, bungalows, ranches, and new construction offer a wide variety to any potential homeowner. While it’s tough to put a price on the lake life, find comfort that this lifestyle is much more affordable on Indian Lake than in many alternative locations. Most of all, your return on investment in your health and happiness is something you can’t afford to miss.


With Indian Lake so close, it seems senseless to work all year to enjoy only a couple of weeks of vacation. If buying a home in Indian Lake, you can have it all! Indian Lake, Ohio is where you can find that home away from home or a new place to plant your roots and find yourself. The water is calling you again. Answer it with something more permanent at Indian Lake for the sake of your body, mind, soul, and even your pocketbook.

4th of July Fireworks! Celebrate Summer at Indian Lake

Are you planning to be in the Dayton/Columbus area this Independence Day? One of the biggest 4th of July fireworks displays in the state of Ohio is happening again at Indian Lake! Every year spectators gather with their eyes set to the skies, eagerly anticipating the Light Up the Lake fireworks show. This is a free, annual community-wide event made possible by local donations and funds raised throughout the year. At 10:00 PM sharp, over beautiful, serene waters, the skies will light up and celebrate America in all her colorful glory.

Photo: Light Up the Lake Spectacular! Facebook Event Page
Photo: Light Up the Lake Spectacular! Facebook Event Page

But before heading over to the show, you might as well plan to make the most of your trip by arriving early and staying for a while. Indian Lake is one of the largest lakes in the state with beaches, inlets, bays, islands, biking and hiking trails, and 30 miles of shoreline are here for your sport and pleasure. The local movie theater and historic Indian Lake Rollarena are also family-friendly air-conditioned options to check out. Whether you’re fishing, boating, riding, hiking, skating, swimming, chilling, or sunbathing, Indian Lake will not disappoint.


With more than 30 local restaurants and taverns scattered around the lake, something will be sure to entice your appetite. If you’re feeling froggy and looking for a wet and wild time, try Froggy’s at the Lake– its swim-up bar and ice-cold draught beer are sure to help you beat the heat. Indian Head Roadhouse, Woody’s Diner, and Cranberry Resort Waterfront Bar & Grill all sport a similarly playful vibe, tasty menu, and affordable price. And if the summer scent of grilling really has your mouth watering, the Tilton Hilton’s delicious half-pound burgers should do the trick. Just be sure to bring cash as they do not accept credit.

Indian Lake is home to numerous cottages, summer homes, campgrounds, and RV parks, so there is no need to drive home just yet! If the rough and rugged, more cost-effective camping isn’t on your agenda, consider renting a cute and cozy cottage or posh vacation home to take in all the lake has to offer for just one more day. The nearby city of Bellefontaine also has very affordable sleeping accommodations with a Comfort Inn and Super 8. Leave your worries behind and catch some much-needed Zs after a long day of fun on Indian Lake.

Indian Lake Fireworks

The Indian Lake region has something for everyone, no matter your age or lifestyle. If you have a zest for living and an appreciation for local, natural beauty, then Indian Lake welcomes you! Whatever summer fun you’re seeking, you’ll find it here…

Want to learn more about Indian Lake or inquire about purchasing property? Go here.